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I'm starting a photoblog section!

It's all thanks to the app Instagram really. Ever since I've had a smartphone, I found myself becoming more conscious of photography, because for the first time, I always had a decent camera in my pocket. I started taking more photos. And I found I really enjoyed getting the best photo I could with my little iPhone 5. Photos like this:

It was becoming addicting. Soon the filters and adjustments on Instagram just weren't enough for me anymore. So I bought a Sony Alpha 5100, and I love it. And, living in Denver at the time, there were plenty of things for me to photograph. I have a section of my website that I've posted my own photography on, and you can see some more of my best stuff there. But here are a couple of my favorites from Colorado and Santa Fe this past year:

Anyways, I think this will be an interesting way to show what's going on in my life. I'm having a blast taking photos, and I hope you'll enjoy seeing them!


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