Virginia Opera: Street Scene

“But along the way there were other good doses of comic relief: Tenor Benjamin Werley, paying musical tribute to the wonders of ice cream as Lippo Fiorentino; Baritone Trevor Neal as the happy singing and jamming janitor Henry Davis; Ahnastasia Albert (Mae Jones) and David Michael Bevis (Dick McGann) singing and dancing their drunken way in “Moon-Faced, Starry-Eyed”; Peter Kendall Clark as Rose’s slimy boss Harry Easter; and Talin Nalbandian and Adriane S. Kerr as the nosy nursemaids.” GRACE JEAN- Washington Classical Review "Standouts in the large ensemble included...Benjamin Werley as the spirited Lippo Fiorentino (his bright tenor shone in the irresistible Ice Cream Sextet)" TIM SMITH-Ope

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